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    1. Inconel 600 Nickel Alloy

      Owing to excellent mechanical property and strength as well as great cold and hot processing and welding performance, this nickel-chromium-iron alloy obtains high praise and recognition in various industries.

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    1. Inconel 601 Nickel Alloy

      The prominent feature of inconel 601 is its high electrical resistance and outstanding high-temperature oxidation resistance within 1200 degree. The heat-resistant alloy also has perfect resistance to carburization and carbonitriding, has high mechanical strength

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    1. Inconel 625 Nickel Alloy

      Inconel 625 nickel alloy earns wide acceptance in organic chemistry processing field where acid chloride catalyst is typically utilized, and can be used for digester and bleacher in paper industry.

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    1. Inconel 718 Nickel Alloy

      The usability and economy with which Inconel alloy 718 can be fabricated, combined with great tensile, fatigue, creep and rupture strength as well as perfect resistance to radiation, oxidation and corrosion, has led to its use in a wide range of applications.

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    1. Incoloy 800 Nickel Alloy

      The Incoloy 800 nickel alloy is mainly used for process pipes, heat exchangers, carburizing equipment, heating element sheathing, and nuclear steam-generator tubes. The terrific resistance to high temperature and corrosion of this specialty metal alloy makes it perfect for these applications.

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    1. Incoloy 800H Nickel Alloy

      These fantastic properties are the primary reasons of wide applications of Incoloy 800H nickel alloy, including nitric acid condenser, steam heating pipe, heating element tube, etc.

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    1. Incoloy 825 Nickel Alloy

      The resistance of the nickel-iron-chromium alloy 825 to general and localized corrosion under diverse environments gives it unexpected usefulness. Applications include chemical processing and pollution control equipment, oil and gas well pipe, nuclear fuel recovery and pickling operation facilities.

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    1. Incoloy A-286 Nickel AlloyThese superior prosperities of this high temperature alloy make it useful for high temperature bearing components of aircraft engine, such as turbine disc, compressor disc, rotor blade and fastener.
    1. Inconel X-750 Nickel AlloyThe Inconel X-750 nickel alloy is similar to Inconel alloy 600 but made precipitation hardenable by adding aluminum and titanium and thereby shows excellent resistance to high temperature corrosion and oxidation along with high tensile
    1. Inconel 690 Nickel AlloyIn addition to corrosion resistance, it features high strength and perfect fabrication properties. Such properties make this high performance nickel alloy suitable for heat transfer pipes of vapor generator in pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant.
    1. Monel 400 Nickel AlloyThe Monel 400 nickel alloy, a solid solution alloy manufactured by XINHUA, can be hardened only by cold processing. It shows pretty high strength and toughness over a wide range of temperatures and good resistance to numerous corrosive environments.
    1. Monel K-500 Nickel AlloyThe strengthened properties are achieved by the additions of aluminum and titanium to the nickel-copper base and by heating under controlled conditions. Monel alloy K-500 also has excellent resistance to high temperature corrosion and long term structure stability.
    1. Hastelloy X Nickel AlloyThe Hastelloy X nickel alloy, with higher iron content, has favorable resistance to oxidation and corrosion combined with excellent creep and rupture strength at temperatures under 900℃. In addition to this, Hastelloy alloy X has great fabricability by cold and hot working and good weldability.
    1. Hastelloy C-276 Nickel AlloyHastelloy alloy C-276 is one of the rare materials that can greatly resist the corrosions by humid chlorine, pypocholoride and chlorine dioxide solutions. Major applications of this nickel-molybdenum-chromium alloy are pollution control, chemical processing
    1. Invar 36 Nickel AlloyClassic applications of this nickel alloy are test and control instrument at the service temperature under 200℃, liner of screw connector between metal and other materials, thermometal, etc.
    1. Kovar 4J29 Nickel AlloyOxidation film densification allows this iron-nickel-cobalt alloy to be readily welded and excellent plasticity makes it fabricable. Wide applications are power tubes, vacuum tubes, transmitting tubes, kinescopes, switch tubes, transistors, relay housing, etc.
    1. 904L Nickel AlloyThe low carbon alloy can be used for oil and petrochemical equipment such as reactor, storage and transportation equipment for sulfuric acid, flue gas desulfurization unit in power plant, scrubber and fan in organic acid processing system, etc.
    1. Alloy 20 Nickel AlloyThe combination of limited chemical compositions contributes to its outstanding resistance to various corrosions in oxidizing and reducing environments, to chloride-ion stress corrosion cracking and to localized attack.
    1. Nickel Chromium Alloy for Electrical Resistance Heating

      It is the preferred alloy for high quality electrical heating element and widely used in metallurgy, household appliances and machinery manufacturing industry for heating elements and in electric appliance industry for resistance materials.

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    1. Iron-Chromium-Aluminium Alloy for Electrical Resistance HeatingDue to its superior resistance to oxidation, sulfur and carburization, the Fe-Cr-Al alloy boasts longer service life and higher cost performance. Those terrific properties of the electrical heating material result in its wide application for heating elements in electric heaters.
    1. ERNiCrMo-3 Nickel Alloy Welding WireUsing this welding consumable, the weld metal boasts higher strength and great resistance to localized corrosions over a wide range of temperature.
      Our ERNiCrMo-3 nickel alloy welding wire has found wide applications for welding dissimilar metals such as the welding of Inconel alloys and Incoloy alloys.
    1. ERNiCrMo-4 Nickel Alloy Welding WireThe alloy C-276 welding wire boasts excellent resistance to corrosion by various corrosive media, especially pitting and crevice corrosion. Furthermore, this type of nickel alloy wire can be used to weld dissimilar materials, including welding of alloy C276 to other nickel alloys, stainless steel and low-alloy steel.
    1. ERNiCu-7 Nickel Alloy Welding WireThe weld metal formed by using ERNiCu-7 nickel alloy welding wire features similar properties with alloy 400, namely high strength and superior resistance to a variety of corrosive media such as sea water, salts, reducing acids, etc.
    1. ERNiFeCr-1 Nickel Alloy Welding WireThe ERNiFeCr-1 nickel alloy welding wire is great for welding alloy 825 and the nickel-iron-chromium-molybdenum-copper alloys using the GTAW and GMAW processes. Weld metal formed by using this type of soldering wire has remarkable resistance to corrosion especially by reducing environments such as sulfuric acid and phosphoric acid.
    1. EQNiCr-3 Nickel Alloy Welding Strip

      Our EQNiCr-3 nickel alloy welding strip can also be used for welding dissimilar metals. For instance, it can be used for welding Inconel alloy to Incoloy alloy, alloy 330 to nickel, Monel alloy to stainless steel and carbon steel, and stainless steel to nickel alloy or carbon steel.

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