About Us

We, as a specialist of high performance nickel alloys and nickel-based materials, are dedicated to the specific application fields of our customers.

Why Work With Us?

Since our establishment in 1998, we have made a firm commitment to providing premium quality alloy products and high level of customer service for our global customers and accommodate to their industrial environments. And, we have been focusing on realizing this commitment by constantly improving our products and service.
Here are just some of the reasons why our customers choose us.

Our nickel alloys are highly engineered to provide excellent properties that enable them quite useful in a huge variety of industrial sectors such as industrial furnace, civil nuclear power plant, power boiler, welding material, petrochemical plant, aerospace engineering, etc.
We understand that different customers have different needs for their specific applications. While offering high quality nickel alloys with desired properties, we maintain high industry standards of in-house production.
We know that inventory is crucial and trust is essential when working with our customers. We actively serve our customers from consultation through completion to ensure that the alloy products are delivered on schedule.
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