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Nickel Alloy for Industrial Furnace

The high performance alloy is a kind of endurable material which features great cost effectiveness. It can be used to make heating equipment such as industrial furnace. As an ideal part and heating material for industrial furnace, XINHUA nickel base alloy features outstanding resistance to corrosion and oxidation. According to application requirements, we can offer various alloy products that all boast the state of the art technology and can bring you enormous competitive edge.

Specific Application Cases
1. Alloy 600 has found wide applications in fatty acid process for making heater, distiller and condenser, and in heat treating industry for rolling furnace wall, furnace components and tray.
2. Alloy 601 can be used for tray and fastener in industrial heating field, and for radiant tube, muffle and heater in industrial furnace.
3. Alloy 800H is widely used for making nitric acid condenser, steam heating tube, heating element, etc.