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ERNiCu-7 Nickel Alloy Welding Wire

XINHUA ERNiCu-7 nickel alloy welding wire is mainly used for welding alloy 400, alloy R404 and alloy K-500 by means of GTAW, GMAW and SAW welding methods. It can also be used for overlaying welding on steel surface using GMAW and SAW processes. In specific GMAW process, NICKLE 61 welding wire will be the optimal choice. INCOFLUX 5 welding flux should be used when the ERNiCu-7 filler metal is utilized in SAW process.

The weld metal formed by using ERNiCu-7 nickel alloy welding wire features similar properties with alloy 400, namely high strength and superior resistance to a variety of corrosive media such as sea water, salts, reducing acids, etc. When the corrosion resistant alloy welding wire is used to weld alloy K-500, the weld metal has lower strength than the parent metal in that it can not generate age-hardening effect.

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